The Board is committed to maintaining high standards of governance, in recognition of the value that it can add to the success and sustainability of performance as well as the reputation of the Connective.

The Board applies the principles of the UK Corporate Governance Code (the Code). The Code emphasises the need for well-balanced and effective boards, constructive engagement with shareholders and stakeholders, robust oversight of internal controls and risk management systems and the alignment of executive remuneration to company purpose and values, with clear links to the successful delivery of the Company’s long-term strategy.

Further information is available in our Annual Report.

The Board

The Board defines the Company’s purpose and is responsible for the strategy to deliver it. It attends to matters including acquisitions and divestments, major capital projects, risk and financial matters. To shape the culture of the Connective and create alignment in the delivery of Company strategy, the Board identifies the Kin + Carta values, which are reinforced through company policies and practices.

The Board is supported by Audit, Nomination and Remuneration Committees.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the integrity of the financial reporting process, including: the appropriateness of any judgements and estimates taken in preparing the financial statements; the internal and external audit functions; the effectiveness of the risk management systems and monitoring of internal controls.

The Audit Committee is comprised of independent non-executive directors. Its members are: Michele Maher (Chair), Nigel Pocklington and David Bell.

The Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is responsible for reviewing the size, structure and composition of the Board, including the consideration of skills, knowledge and experience of the Board members. It oversees succession planning, is responsible for the identification and nomination of candidates to fill Board positions and recommending the re-election of Directors.

The Nomination Committee is comprised of a majority of independent non-executive directors. Its members are: John Kerr (Chair), David Bell, Maria Gordian, Chris Kutsor, Michele Maher, Kelly Manthey and Nigel Pocklington.

The Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee is responsible for determining the remuneration policy and its application in relation to the Executive Directors’ remuneration, while supporting shareholder value and the delivery of the Connective’s strategic priorities.

The Remuneration Committee is comprised of independent non-executive directors. Its members are: Nigel Pocklington (Chair), Michele Maher and Maria Gordian.